GPS Vehicle Tracker - Vehicle Location Tracking Device

Vehicle Location Tracking Device


MERCYDA VTS 140 is a vehicle tracking SYstem as per AIS 140 standars of automotive Indian standard with GNSS(IRNSS) and GSM Connectivity. MERCYDA GPS System is Operating in almost every city in India.


- VTS 140 is capable for operating in L and or S band and include support for NAVIC/IRNSS.
- Device can Transmit position,velocity and time along with heading (Direction of Travel) to a back-end control server.
- Device is capable of transmitting data to 3 different IP addresses.
- On pressing of emergency button, the system will send emergency alert to back-end control server
- Real time tracking
- GPS+GSM wireless network with high sensitivity GPS Chipset
- Trip history play back and report
- Monitoring employees and vehicles in real time.
- Various alarms - SOS, Harsh driving, SPeed, Park, Low battery etc